Our Story

2 Queens Honey was started in 2008 by artist/designer Charles Wilkin because he was looking for danger, no one wanted to join him in skydiving so he choose beekeeping instead. He quickly discovered bees are not dangerous at all but incredibly gentle creatures that are so important to the world and this life we live. To this day bees and beekeeping continues to inspire his art making and resolve that a world without honeybees could not exist. 

2 Queens Honey is 100% raw honey gently harvested by from hives located in Narrowsburg, New York and the Upper Delaware River region of the Catskill Mountains. Our honey is never blended or pasteurized in an effort to retain all it's naturally delicious flavor and nutrients. Our wonderful loose leafs teas are carefully selected from the best tea merchants around the globe and and blended in Narrowsburg, New York, they pair perfectly with our seasonal honey. 2 Queens coffee is micro roast half in small batches with fair trade coffee beans from the best sources, our blends are bold, delicious and distinct. In 2016 we launched a small line of natural cosmetics and handmade soaps, all made with 2 Queens raw honey, bee propolis and beeswax. Honey has been used for centuries to heal, revive and soothe skin and all of our products are formulated with natural ingredients and gently enough for all skin types. If you’d like more information or need to contact us please visit our contact page. Thank you!

A short film by George Billard.