Knotweed and Buckwheat Honey

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Knotweed and Buckwheat Honey


100% Raw Honey from the Catskills and Delaware Valley

In late Summer knotweed covers the shores of the Delaware River with it's delicate white flower and bushy green leaves. At the same time, the farm fields are full of wild buckwheat and transformed from lush green into acres of yellow goldenrod. Together these three fall plants create an intoxicating blend that's truly delicious and found only in the Upper Delaware River region. The Knotweed and Buckwheat give this honey it's distinct dark amber, almost black color with it's rich notes of caramel, cherries, chocolate and brown sugar. It's superb alone, on fruit, cheeses and perfect for baking, homemade sauces, glazeing or beer making. 

Hive Location:
Beach Lake, PA & Narrowsburg, NY
Flavor Notes:
Caramel, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Cherries

Net Wt. 12 ounces (340g)

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